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I offer professional quality photography which spotlights the beauty and spirit of people and places.  My interest began with landscape photography and has now blossomed into the portrait photography world.  My portrait speciality is more photojournalistic/candid style as it's a great way to capture the true emotion.  I thoroughly enjoy photography as it encourages me to see the world and people around me in a different way.  My eyes are always open to any opportunity to... "put the world in focus".

Wall-ography contains pictures which are available for purchase, and are beautiful accents to any wall.   If interested in purchasing any of these photos, you can order them by clicking on the Contact Me link.  New photos are continually being added, so please come back to see what's new.

Visit the Portrait Photography section to view information and examples of portraits I have taken, including children, families, and pets.  Photo shoots are done on-location, whether at a local park or even your house. 

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